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Design of magazines, books, websites
Привет! Мы делаем дизайн, макетирование, верстку.
Desktop publishing

Magazines, journals,
catalogs, books etc
layout services

HTML layout services
for web sites
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Design of magazines, books, websites

Books, magazines,
journals, catalogs

Web sites
Magazines, books etc layout services

Our services include:

  • Book layouting
  • Magazine layouting
  • Catalog layouting
  • Technical manuals layouting
  • Business reports layouting
  • Newspapers layouting
  • Brochures and booklet layouting etc

Desktop publishing services (DTP services)

We can help you organize your pages, documents and images in a standard format before publication.

You can outsource your DTP requirements to us and be rest assured of excellent desktop publishing services.

Our core DTP services include:

  • Text formatting
  • Desktop publishing
  • Layout designing
  • PDF to DTP conversion etc

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